We help companies formulate, manufacture, and distribute THC & CBD infused products.


We help with it all, from formulation to distribution.

T-BASA is a fully-licensed cannabis co-packing and bottling company that operates to FDA standards in Thailand. Taking a bifurcated approach on the industry, T-BASA has the ability to manufacture products for both the regulated cannabis market (dispensaries) as well as the open market for products that are CBD only (grocery, convenience store, etc). We’ve licensed several patented THC & CBD infusion technologies, allowing us to design and manufacture the most premium cannabis infused products on the market, including both water and oil based products.

Due to hundreds of potential hurdles and pitfalls that brands inevitably encounter during product development, T-BASA takes a turnkey approach to be the industry’s go-to end-to-end manufacturing arm for innovators and entrepreneurs, effectively enabling companies to take new products to market exponentially faster, cheaper, and easier. From concept to market, our core competencies are:

Examples of CBD and THC products that we manufacture

THC and CBD flower, THC and CBD oils and concentrates, Waters, Sparkling Waters, Sparkling Flavored Waters, Teas, Cold Brew Coffees, Vitamin Waters, Lemonades, and many more


We have partnerships with some of the largest beverage flavoring houses in the world. These partnerships allow us to create world-class tasting products with low minimum-order quantities for the flavoring components of the final formulations. We can also create nutritional panels and ingredient lists that meet State labeling requirements for consumable products.

  • Aluminium Cans
  • Heatset PET
  • Glass Bottles
  • Custom Glass Bottles

We have extremely versatile filling lines that can fill most types of products.

  • Blending
  • Batching
  • HotFill
  • Cold Fill
  • Tunnel pasteurization
  • Beer Brewing

We’ve licensed state-of-the-art infusion technologies that allow us to produce the most premium products on the market. These technologies solve all of the common problems you may occur when trying to infuse cannabis in water based products, including:

  • Water Suspendible
  • Water Soluble
  • Tasteless
  • Zero-Odor
  • Zero-Separation
  • Terpenes
  • Full Spectrum
All products are put in a 3-5 business day quality control hold after manufacturing to test for microbiology and cannabis content. All products must pass testing before they’re released into distribution. The benefit of using T-BASA Distribution is that lab testing is only required one time, rather than twice if products are shipped to another distributor.
We only ship THC products within the borders of Thailand. We either ship through our distribution channels directly to dispensaries, or to other licensed distribution companies within the Kingdom of Thailand.


We’ve knocked down the majority of the hurdles, so you don’t have to.

Easy Product Development

With access to multiple flavoring houses, labs, and premium THC & CBD extracts that can be infused into any product without changing the taste, we make the product development cycle a breeze.

Improved Cash Flow

By offering low minimums on production runs, we allow brands to tie-up less cashflow in inventory and logistics, which ultimately helps product evolution cycles.

Velocity to Market

By offering a turnkey development, manufacturing, and distribution solution, we help companies dramatically improve their velocity to market for new product launches.

Legal Compliance

The heart of our operation revolves around compliance. We have a multi-stage manufacturing process that keeps us legally compliant for both THC & CBD related products.

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