T-BASA are the first to pioneer Cannabis clinics in Thailand with a full range of THC and CBD products. We also license companies to run their own medical cannabis clinics.


T-BASA is a physician-founded, patient-focused company dedicated to providing best-in-class cannabis-based products and unrivaled care. We integrate best-in-class medical, scientific, and engineering practices into the cannabis industry. We are committed to creating safe, all-natural cannabis-based products, and a compassionate patient experience.

T-BASA cultivates the finest cannabis plants in environmentally-friendly greenhouses and produces pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts and other cannabis products in state-of-the-art extraction labs. These products are sold through our retail clinics in Thailand. T-BASA clinics employ teams of patient care experts and licensed pharmacists who help patients find the right solution for their needs.

T-BASA also distributes our products through third-party managed clinics throughout Thailand. The T-BASA team is comprised of physicians, scientists, and horticulturists that have been successful in a variety of settings and bring a broad spectrum of experience in best practices and evidence-based medicine.

T-BASA Cannabis Oil


Each color in the range represents a distinct product line. Depending on your qualifying medical condition, our specially-trained pharmacists will help recommend a product line that matches your unique needs. For instance, patients experiencing chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting often benefit from products associated from our THC-dominant product lines (Red and Yellow) while patients experiencing neurological diseases, like epilepsy, often benefit from products associated with our CBD-dominant product lines (Blue and Indigo).

T-BASA Cannabis Sublingual Products
T-BASA medical cannabis


At T-BASA, we take pride in our medical cannabis. Our wide range of strains is what separates us from the rest. We offer common, well-known strains, but also offer  crosses and exotic flower options that you won’t find anywhere else. Each strain and each phenotype produce a different taste, aroma, and effect.

To achieve these high standards, it all starts in our GAP and GACP certified grow facilities and finishes in the trim and cure process. All our flower undergoes a final hand trim to ensure quality and to maintain all the medicinal benefits that the buds can provide. By hand-trimming, we are also able to keep the original shape of the buds as well as any valuable trichomes.

T-BASA Hand Trimming cannabis flower

How Do I Qualify for Medical Marijuana?

You are eligible to receive medical marijuana if you are a legal Thai resident or a visiting foreigner and your doctor/registered practitioner feels that the condition(s) you have would benefit from medical marijuana treatment. Registered practitioners can now legally prescribe medical cannabis for any condition they see fit. Although there are no longer limits to the qualifying conditions, you can review the list below of conditions that were traditionally accepted for medical marijuana patient certification.

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